HR Jobs and Recruitment with Paul Withers 

I am Paul Withers, an HR Recruitment Specialist.  I specialise in connecting employers and HR professionals across the UK and EU. I have an extensive HR network and can source top HR talent for HR positions across Cambridge, East Anglia ( Peterborough, Ipswich, Norwich ), and London, as well as Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Budapest, Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

I understand that hiring the right HR professionals is crucial for your business’s success. I possess the skills and expertise to engage HR professionals effectively and highlight the advantages of your HR job vacancies. No longer constrained by geographical boundaries, I offer a flexible and highly targeted approach to HR Recruitment.

For HR Job Seekers:

Looking for HR jobs? I can help you find rewarding opportunities in the HR field. I handle a wide range of positions, including HR Director Jobs, HR Manager Jobs, HR Advisor Jobs, HR Business Partner Jobs, and HR Assistant Jobs. Whether you’re seeking entry-level positions or senior leadership roles, I have a diverse selection to cater to your career aspirations.

For HR Employers:

Finding the right HR professionals for your organisation is my priority. With my extensive industry knowledge and vast HR network, I can identify and attract the most qualified candidates who align with your company’s culture and requirements. My tailored recruitment solutions ensure a seamless and efficient hiring process, saving you time and resources.

With a presence in both Cambridge and Innsbruck, I have the advantage of understanding the HR job markets in both the UK and EU. My expertise extends across borders, enabling me to handle HR recruitment assignments effectively in multiple locations.

Partner with me, your HR Recruitment specialist, and unlock the potential of your HR team or find your dream HR job. Experience my personalised approach, industry insights, and commitment to excellence.

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